How Do I Start?

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Either call us at 678-494-8129 or e-mail us at We will meet you at a time and a place that is convenient to you. This meeting is FREE of charge, and the purpose is to evaluate your needs and your expectations of Silver Companions. When care starts, a staff member will personally make the [...]

Do I have to sign a contract?

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No. Silver Companions is here to meet your needs, and as your needs change, so will the services you receive. Our service agreement reflects this and adjusts to meet changing needs. You can always cancel services when YOU want. We do ask that you give us a 24-hour notice for pre-determined shifts. Giving us time [...]

How can I verify a shift was completed?

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Silver Companions uses several tools to track our caregivers. First, we use simple timesheets filled out by each caregiver. Then, we use a combination of Telephony and Internet-based solutions to verify time and attendance. This process allows you to have a written record of services provided in the home. And we can give written verification [...]

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