Are home care services covered by insurance or Medicare?

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Sometimes. Medicare does provide an Eligibility Tool to see if your family qualifies, but they typically don't pay for the type of hourly personal care service that Silver Companions provides. Silver Companions will be able to give documentation to third parties such as long-term care insurance companies that could help you obtain the best coverage [...]

How Much Does It Cost?

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We are paid on an hourly basis. Shorter shifts are generally billed at a higher rate than longer shifts. Lately, more long-term care insurance companies are covering this option, however, home care is still principally paid for by the seniors themselves or their families. Silver Companions rates are much more affordable than the national average, [...]

How can I verify a shift was completed?

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Silver Companions uses several tools to track our caregivers. First, we use simple timesheets filled out by each caregiver. Then, we use a combination of Telephony and Internet-based solutions to verify time and attendance. This process allows you to have a written record of services provided in the home. And we can give written verification [...]

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