Diagnosing Dementia – Look Over Your Doctor’s Shoulder

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It used to be that speaking was a fear greater than death. Today, the fear of getting Alzheimer’s is frequently cited among the aging population. While VOICES with Dementia aims to raise awareness of people with dementia who live productive and meaningful lives, the stigma remains. But not for long among those willing to take [...]

Caregiver, ASK for Help

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Caregiver, ask for HELP before it’s too late. Oftentimes, caregiving families (including mine) dive into crisis mode before they know what they’re getting into. As they dive deeper and deeper, they lose sight of the shoreline. Soon, they come up and gasp for air. Looking around, there’s nothing but shark-filled waters. This is a risky [...]

Caregiver, Are You A Time Debtor?

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Linda Sivertsen presents the concept of Time Debt – something we caregivers experience, but likely didn’t have a name for, until now. When we were younger, time went by slowly; especially, when we’re in school. As we grew older, we likely had the same lament as our parents: The seasons pass too quickly. Sometimes, our [...]

A Newlywed with Dementia? What’s A Caregiver to Do?

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Caitlin Keating reports for People Magazine that these two newlyweds in the UK must now find a way to live dementia. Former globe trotter, Becky Barletta, who lived an active life now needs ’round the clock care. While her husband works, Becky needs caregivers to help look after her at her parents’ home. Despite symptoms [...]

Caregiver Humor – Bittersweet Reflection

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While caring for a loved one with dementia, there are painful moments, which make us wonder if we can go on. For some, within that pain, lies an opportunity for laughter. This is how we survive. Caregiver humor is like that – bittersweet . She Is Much Nicer Than You Are Retired nurse-turned caregiver, Jeanne [...]

REVIEW of And Then I Looked Up Dementia – Women Speak Out

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UK-based CEO of ADI , Paola Barbarino says, “All the women affected by dementia are exposed to what has been termed a triple jeopardy. They are discriminated against as a result of their AGE, of their GENDER, and of their CONDITION.” “And then I looked up Dementia ” yields demeaning synonyms in the dictionary for [...]

Call to Participate – Los Angeles Aging Survey

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Survey to Meet the Needs of Aging Population Los Angeles County (home of The Caregiver’s Voice) is conducting a survey to address the needs our diverse aging population. It includes questions about caregiving for people with dementia/Alzheimer’s. DEADLINE October 1, 2017 The survey is offered in 10 languages to meet the needs of Los Angeles’s [...]

Mary Beth Wighton – A Challenge to Find Dementia Advocate Leaders

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Canadian-born Mary Beth Wighton, has been living with frontotemporal lobe dementia since 2012 when she was diagnosed at age 45. Two years later, she co-founded the Ontario Dementia Advisory Group (ODAG) with the mission of influencing governmental policies affecting the rights of people with dementia. “Since the formation of ODAG,” Mary Beth says, “members have [...]

A New Way to Get Involved in Medical Research

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Clinical Trials at Your Fingertips Clinical trials offer patients and caregivers the opportunity to be involved in their family’s medical care. Their participation in dementia research will help shape the future of medicine. Unfortunately, most people don’t know about clinical trials. For those that do, it’s difficult to find ones for which they qualify. Studies [...]

Caregiver Joey Daley Inspires

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Caregivers like Joey Daley, father of three, take the initiative to follow the first tip of caregiving: Learn as much as you can about your loved one’s disease or illness to know what to expect. If that’s not enough, Joey took an even bigger step. He’s helping raise awareness of dementia and his mother’s Lewy [...]