10 Ways to Help Keep Your Independence

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In the United States, independence is a value that we cherish. We are independent people who want to do things on our own and not have to rely on anyone else for anything. But what happens when you can't be as independent as you used to be? What do you do if your mobility is [...]

12 Conversation Topics that will Bring Laughter and Joy to Seniors

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12 Conversation Topics that will Bring Laughter and Joy to Seniors We all know that our elders are a generation who have seen and experienced a lot. They are typically wise, well-spoken individuals with so much to share. As we walk through the mall, or listen to them at church on Sunday morning, it is [...]

Home is Where the Heart is…

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For older adults, sometimes the house they’ve lived in for years becomes too much...too much upkeep, too big, too many stairs, or even too many memories…This is the point where many older adults make the difficult decision to move to something smaller, and easier to keep up with, like an apartment.   Moving from a [...]

Helpful Gadgets for Older Adults

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Older adults need a lot of help around the house, but it is not often that members of the family will be around to help with the smaller things. A typical household will not have a hired nurse, and so it becomes the duty of the homeowner to assist their aged parents or grandparents. Assistance [...]

15 Ways to Stay Connected with Your Grandchildren

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15 Ways to Stay Connected with Your Grandchildren Much has been said about how COVID-19 affects the health of older generations, but family relationships are also a concern. Many seniors feel cut off from one of their greatest joys in life, their grandchildren.   Since the end of March 2020, 69% of grandparents haven’t met [...]

Travel Tips for Seniors

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Travel For Senior Tips One of the benefits of getting older, and retiring, is not having to request time off from an employer to enjoy traveling. Whether it’s visiting family during the holidays, taking a summer vacation, or traveling around in an RV, senior travel is growing in popularity. Instead of relaxing at home, a [...]

How Older Adults Can Reduce the Risk of Falls

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How Older Adults Can Reduce the Risk of Falls Contact Us Today: (678) 494-8129|info@SilverCompanionsGA.com It seems that nobody embraces getting older. We find it more challenging to do those things we, basically, took for granted when we were younger, like climbing up and down the stairs, going to the store, walking to the mailbox, and [...]

Multigenerational living – is it right for you?

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What is multigenerational living? Simply put, it’s the term used to describe several generations of the same family living together under the same roof. This can often mean that grandma and grandpa have moved in with mom, dad, and the kids. Choosing to merge generations under one roof reflects a number of changes, some cultural [...]

Encouraging Independence in Seniors

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Encouraging Independence in Seniors In our last post, we were talking about how Seniors Fear Loss on Many Levels. One of the fears that seniors face is the loss of independence. This is one of the biggest challenges that seniors face, and it manifests itself in many different forms. For example: How loss of independence [...]

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