10 Acts of Kindness for Any Age, Any Budget

You’ve no doubt heard the expression, “It’s better to give than to receive”. It truly is magical to see the joy you bring when you give  to others or to a worthy cause. Whether you give money, gifts, or your time, it truly is rewarding to give of yourself. 

One thing that tends to keep us from giving, is the associated expense of that gift, especially if on a fixed budget and money is tight. 

Good News! Giving doesn’t have to break the bank! Giving can be a simple, one time, impromptu act, or scheduled and ongoing. Below is a list of 10 acts of kindness that you can give from your heart, rather than your wallet. We’ve provided the list in reverse order, from number 10 counting down to number 1. This list is not meant to be all-inclusive, but to inspire to you act, with kindness.

10. Donate used books to a library – These often go toward used book sales, which help keep our libraries open.

9. Visit a nursing home – Whatever your age, you can brighten someone’s day. You can even buy inexpensive flowers (some flower shops may even donate flowers that are no longer fit to sell), and walk around greeting and talking with the residents.

8. Show you care at the drive-thru – At the drive-thru speaker, instead of just  jumping right into your order, like so many of us tend to do, sincerely ask how they are doing. It only takes a moment, but you may be surprised at the positive impact it can have on them…and you!

7. Let someone in – Let someone go ahead of you when in line somewhere — at the store, post office, or even in traffic.

6. Volunteer your time – Whether at a homeless or animal shelter,  or charity organization, there is always opportunities to invest your time helping those less fortunate. Not only will it make you feel good, it will change your perspective on your own life.

5. Say something nice – Give a compliment to someone you see in public. It can be a cashier that rings up your order, a clerk at a store where you’re shopping, a friend you run into while you’re out, or any other random stranger you feel could use some cheering up. You may even be rewarded with a smile.

4. Provide a meal – Do you have a friend, neighbor, or loved one who is struggling? Make them a nice meal and deliver it to them. You can even write a nice note to go along with it, for an added personal touch. If you make it with food you already have at home, it won’t cost any extra money, and may truly brighten their day.

3. Tell a manager –  We all know that people are quick to complain if they are unhappy with their service, Do you ever have a clerk or a customer service person who goes above and beyond to make your experience that much better? If that happens, take a moment to tell their manager. It may just be a two for one – you may very possibly make the manager’s day along with the clerk’s.

2. Leave unused coupons behind – Leave coupons for products you are not purchasing near the products for other customers to use. Be sure they aren’t expiring too soon, you don’t want to create extra work for the store clerks. Better yet, if you see another customer with one or more of the products in their cart, offer them the coupons directly. Even if they have the coupon, they’ll appreciate the offer.

1. Smile – This is number one, because it is the most important, and takes the least amount of effort on your part. If you haven’t already experienced this in action, you will be amazed of the impact a simple smile can have on those around you. Now, don’t be creepy about it…make sure your smile is genuine, and you will find it to be contagious. Who wouldn’t want to spread a smile wherever they go?

We hope you’ve found this list helpful. Of course, there are tons of additional opportunities to provide simple acts of kindness wherever you are, and wherever you go. Some cost a nominal amount of money, like buying a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line. Others, like the ones on this list, are free, and cost, at most, a small amount of time and/or effort. What’s important is that you find what resonates with you, embrace it, and act.

Silver Companions fully embraces acts of kindness and strive to do our part every single day. Are you, or a loved one, considering options for in-home care or companionship? Would you like to discuss your situation, to get some honest feedback, without pressure or a sales pitch?

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