10 Simple Conveniences for Seniors…or Anyone

As we get older, certain things we took for granted become more difficult. Whether it’s buttoning a button on a coat or shirt, putting on our sox, or even just turning the key in the front door…

Fortunately, some creative people have created some simple, cost-effective products to help…

Below, we’ve listed 10 of the cleverest products we’ve come across recently. Don’t worry, there are no affiliate links here, we’re not making any money from talking about these products, we just want to let you know they exist, and hopefully you find them helpful.

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These are the items we found, there may be other options and choices, so you can feel free to look for yourself, and use this list as a reference guide. Now for our list of 10 simple conveniences for seniors…or anyone! 

  1. EZ Key Turner: As we age, sometimes reduced hand strength, or ailments such as arthritis, make once-simple things like turning a key in a lock nearly impossible. These Easy Key Turners are designed with the turning effort already begun, so completion of the turn is accomplished with minimal effort.
  2. Zipper Pull and Button Hook: Who hasn’t struggled with a pesky button or a stubborn zipper at some point? With a large, comfort grip handle and a smooth wire loop, this tool makes buttoning a breeze. The small, but sturdy wire hook can help you easily maneuver any difficult zippers.
  3. Big Button Remote Control: Complete with a wrist strap, so it doesn’t accidentally fall into the couch cushions, this universal remote with large, easy-to-see buttons, will work your TV and your Cable or Dish control box. It’s easy to program, and even easier to see and use.
  4. Smartphone Thermometer: Whether you’re watching the grandkids, or you want to keep track of your own health, this thermometer not only works like a charm, it keeps track of your health history as well. Kinsa smartphone app uses your age, fever and symptoms to help you understand how to feel better faster, when to take meds and whether to call the doctor. You can even get medicine and dosage reminders.
  5. Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home Mini: Two options for a home smart speaker, Alexa or Google can control compatible smart home devices, like lights, fans, TVs, thermostats, and more. You can connect with other smart home devices, control and schedule routines, and simplify your life. It’s like having your own personal assistant.
  6. Weighted Blankets: Increasingly popluar, weighted blankets are engineered to be around 10% of your body weight to simulate the feeling of being hugged. Providing more than just warmth, a weighted blanket soothes and provides comfort for individuals of all ages. 
  7. Sock Aid: Whether it’s aches and pains from aging, surgery, or just limited flexibility, we can all relate to a time or times when it’s been a challenge to put on our socks or stockings. This simple little gem takes the tedious task and simplifies it, so regardless of the limitation, it gives you a leg up…
  8. Indoor Remote Control Outlet: Whether or not you choose an Alexa or Google Home, the indoor remote control outlet can help in a plethora of ways. One example is if you have regular old “dumb lights” that don’t connect to a smart home device. You can plug your lamp into this outlet, and instantly have access to light at your fingertips. This way you don’t have to set a timer, and can prevent you from reaching for a lamp switch that is either hard to reach, hard to turn, or both.
  9. Motion Sensor Stick-Anywhere LED Lights: How about that dark hallway with the dim lighting…or a closet, or stairwell that isn’t well lit? Wouldn’t it be nice to simply walk into that space and have the lights turn on, without having to flip a switch? These bright, energy efficient LED lights will not only illuminate the space, but since they’re motion activated, they turn on when you move into the space, and turn themselves off 15 seconds after you move through. They use 3 AAA batteries which, depending on use, should last at least several months, and likely a lot longer. Where in your home coudn’t use some additional light?
  10. Jar Opener: This may be number 10, but it’s no secret that jars can be hard to open for a lot of people. Sometimes those lids are sealed so tightly, it feels like they’re glued on. There are several different jar opener options, everything from a battery operated gizmo to a simple circular pad to better grip the jar. This one is manual, but the large handle tightens metal “teeth” against the lid to get a firm grip and help you easily open any jar between 1 inch and 3.7 inches in diameter.

We hope you’ve found this list of gadgets and gizmos helpful, and you can see an application for some or all of them in your own life, or that of your loved ones. While some of these may be directed towards seniors, they can apply to each and every one of us in certain situations or circumstances. 

This list is for informational purposes only, and we do not endorse or represent any of the products listed. We are not being compensated in any way for providing this information, the links are direct to Amazon (or Google Shop for the Google Home Mini), and not affiliate links. These are the brands we found with the highest ratings, or that we have tried ourselves and found reliable. Please feel free to look at other options, alternatives, and/or do your own research. 

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