Alzheimer’s: Stepping Into The Leadership Role

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Since the person with AD no longer possesses the mental skills to be completely independent, a special brand of leadership is called for. At least one person must assume overall authority for ensuring the well-being of the person with AD but it is best to include others too if at all possible. Much work is [...]

Today’s Caregiver Family Checklist

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All bank accounts, account numbers and types of accounts and the location of banks. Insurance Company, policy number, beneficiary as stated on the policies and type of insurance (health, life, long term care, automobile, etc). Deed and titles to ALL property. Loan/lien information, who holds them and if there are any death provisions. Social Security [...]

Home Elevators Supporting a Caregiver Environment

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A revolution in home mobility In-home non-medical care can immediately enhance lifestyle, improve independence and take pressure off the main caregiver. Increasingly popular with people who find themselves or family members less mobile through accident, ageing, illness or disability, are a new-age of home elevators which can offer a safe and elegant alternative to the [...]

Seniors and Medications

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Caregivers are often the first line of defense in protecting the elderly and infirm – especially when it comes to making sure medications are obtained and taken properly. Senior citizens are the fast-growing sector of the population, and age often leads to the need for many medications to treat many conditions and chronic diseases. Each [...]

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