Some ABCs for Every Alzheimer’s Caregiver

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A: Accept that some of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make lie ahead. For example, when does nursing home care become the best or, perhaps, the only option? B: Be a creative problem solver. When I needed Mom to go to daycare, I persuaded her that she would be there to help [...]

De-Stigmatizing Urinary Incontinence

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Too often caregivers feel that their loved one’s incontinence is a natural result of aging, dementia, medication or disability. They may not seek help because they assume that nothing can be done. But that might not be entirely true. Let’s learn about this too-little-talked-about condition. First of all, we need a basic anatomy lesson. The [...]

Surviving The Holidays

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Holidays and special occasions can bring out the best and the worst in us. The prospect of wonderful, happy times abound, filling us with somewhat unrealistic hopes for our relationships. We are often disappointed by how these special occasions turn out. Add to the normal tensions of holidays, the image of someone you love being [...]