Seized by Alzheimer’s, Then Love

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Institutionalized patients, including those with Alzheimer’s, sometimes find new romance. (Marko Georgiev/The New York Times) Sometimes Alzheimer’s disease means losing a loved one twice. As the disease ravages the brain and erases memory, patients who have been married for years, even most of their lives, may stop recognizing their spouses. And sometimes, in a phenomenon [...]

Delayed residence opening keeps Clarenville couple separated

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Margaret Randell longs for protective care facility to open while husband waits in St. John’s CLARENVILLE, N.L. — Every couple of weeks, Margaret Randell comes to the site of the yet-to-be-opened protective care community residence in Clarenville and peers in through the window. Other news She’s waiting for her husband to be transferred to the [...]

Aging in Place

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When I asked the other three members of my walking group, all of whom are in their mid to upper 70s, whether they had any concerns about future living arrangements, they each said they had none despite the fact that, like me, they live in multistory private homes without elevators and, in two cases, without [...]

9 Signs Your Parent Needs Help

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By 2025, the elderly population (both in the United States and globally) is expected to double, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This means that many of us will be dealing with senior-aged parents -- something that you may not be completely prepared for. As they age, your parents will begin to need more and [...]