Seniors have long been a target for telemarketers that are only interested in turning a quick buck, or worse.

Every week, there are stories in the news on a new telemarketing scam, and it’s usually seniors that are the prime targets.  Thanks to the FTC, there are now stiffer regulations and steeper penalties for telemarketers that don’t follow the rules.

For one thing, it’s now illegal for telemarketers to:

  • Request any sort of person-to-person payments (like Western Union, or Moneygram)
  • Request the pin for any re-loadable debit/credit cards, like Moneypak or Green Dot
  • Request your bank account information to create a remotely created check (one you never see or sign).

These new rules took effect on June 13, 2016, so if a telemarketer asks you for any of the above, they are breaking the law.  If a telemarketer asks for any of the above, firmly say ‘No’ and hang up.

There are also stricter limits on when telemarketers can call, use of auto-dialers, hang-up calls or Caller ID transmission calls, and the National Do Not Call Registry.

If you experience a caller breaking any of these rules, hang up and report them to the FTC.

For more information, visit the entire article by visiting New Limits On Telemarketers on the FTC website